Wine & Water

New Green Line with a mission

The saying that the wine selection of the restaurant is unique in its kind is absolutely true – among our top offers are the white and red wine New Green Line – produced and bottled in the Piemonte region, Italy especially for the brand. The region is famous in the whole world with its specific soil which gives grapes raised there a unique taste. This precise taste is poured in the glasses of the visitors of Green Line Restaurant. Another exclusive product, offered in the restaurant is the special New Green Line water – also a part of Petya Raeva’s brand. The water New Green Line is harvested from the Burziq fountain and is processed by the reverse osmosis method that makes it extremely close to body fluids of an organism and good for health. New Green Line water is water with a mission! The funds from its sales go to the charity fund “Touch the rainbow” Association for the campaign “For new life” its purpose is fundraising for buying insulin pumps for kids with diabetes type 1. Become a part of the project!
Become an ambassador of “Touch the rainbow” by buying the New Green Line water!